Director of Juvenile Justice Ministries

I have grown up in Northern Colorado and I have worked in correctional facilities with high risk youth from 2015-2019. I believe that after having worked in State facilities with youth for four years; I feel I have been able to see the cracks and the system and it is my hope to help fill them. By utilizing our Leaders In Training program by providing these kids with necessary character traits and skills prior to being placed in a facility, by mentoring them while they are in the facility, helping them transition back out into the communities and by ultimately bringing them to our facility to have a prosocial environment “outside the fence.” My hope is that this provides them with an all around opportunity to get back on track and become successful members of our communities. I also believe it is my job to be the voice to our community that these are not bad kids, these are just kids that made bad choices and they are a part of the future as well.